sreda, 18. april 2018

GROB - Metanoia album release

Coming out in April 2018 A.B. on Mater Tenebrarum Records

GROB - Metanoia

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Nothing is certain, nothing is written ... there is no fate nor coincidence!

In MMXVI Grob as a dark raucous manifestation, a spiritual gateway from here to the beyond, an ambiguous vessel, navigating straight into the everlasting devouring jaws of the Abyss.


Recorded and mixed at Gumakura Studio/Slovenia by Janez Zega.
Mastered at Sonic Train Studios/Sweden by Andy LaRocque.

sobota, 17. januar 2015

IDOLATRIA - "Breviarium Daemonicus Idolatrorum" CD FEBRUARY 2015

Out in February 2015, pre-order:

sobota, 06. december 2014


Corpus Christii and The Stone joined the forces to tour Europe as double headliners in spring 2015, starting from 17th of April till 2nd of May. Both Black Metal cults will be promoting their brand new albums, The Stone its 7th beast abominably entitled “Nekroza”, which is out on Folter Records October 1st 2014, and on the other side, after 4 years of dwelling in silence, Corpus Christii will be crowning their 8th studio album, profoundly named “PaleMoon” which release date is set for March 2015 via Folter Records.
The tour crew will be accompanied with Spanish Black Metal entity Muert.
All interested promoters can ask for available dates at:


Fili Diaboli 2014 tour is over
Thanks to all the people involved (bands and promoters)!